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chief of staff at the office of 〓the county's Supervisor Dave Pine, expressed his gratitude, sayin〓g that the donation is crucial to keep frontline health care work〓ers safe and to help defeat the virus and get back to normal. "W〓hen America needs help, p

we are all here together to help. That's 〓how we establish relations and friendship," said Jojo Zou, princi〓pal China advisor to San Mateo County Trade Office. "This just s〓hows if we come together, we can give hope to everybody, and we c〓an defeat the virus," said Wayne Lee, a council member of Millbra〓e, a city located in northern San Mateo County. San Mateo County〓 is located in the San FrancisD

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co Bay Area and is part of Silicon 〓Valley, a global center for high-tech and innovation.ROME, March 12 -- A charter flight carrying a 9-member Chinese aid team, alo◆ng with tonnes of medical supplies, arrived at Rome'p

s Fiumicino Airport on ◆Thursday night, in part of China's efforts to help Q

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